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Become a Video Pro with Hyperlapse
By: Jennifer Graber
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You can now become a professional videographer in a few easy steps. Okay, maybe not. But, thanks to Instagram, you will be able to create time-lapse videos with ease. This week Instagram released a new app, Hyperlapse. The stand-alone app, available only on iOS right now, allows users to compile video footage. Hyperlapse then turns the footage into a time lapse video with “a cinematic look, quality and feel.”
The app, however, does not just stitch together video footage and call it a day. If in fact it did, well, then the video results would be choppy and jolty. And those choppy video results are something everyone is trying to avoid. Typically, making a time lapse type video would require a tripod, professional cameras, or “taking images from a moving vehicle.” But Hyperlapse removes either of those needs. The app has “built-in stabilization technology” that uses data to steady camera movement. The end result is a smooth time-lapse video.
Hyperlapse, as previously mentioned, is a stand-alone app. Users do not have to access it from within Instagram, as with its Direct or Video. Additionally, users are not required to create a user name or log in. To use Hyperlapse you simply open the app, select record, and then select stop once you are done. After that you choose what playback speed is your preference and, voila, you have a time-lapse video. Of course users can choose to share the video through Facebook or Instagram after that.
The Hyperlapse app actually sounds quite interesting and worth a download. Of course it will not turn us all into professional directors or videographers and it will not give us a career in film. The downside is that you might see more videos in your news feed of parking lots and kitchen escapades. But still, the positives abound. Hyperlapse will give us all a chance to document our lives in a fun, new way. It puts professional-like tools in the hands of the everyday person. It also creates marketing opportunities. These time-lapse videos will give companies another chance to sneak in advertising. It might even give the companies the chance to put more advertising in the hands of the consumer.
It should be interesting to follow the life of the Hyperlapse app. What, if any, technical glitches will it experience? Will it be a popular app with staying power? Or will it fizzle out after a brief moment in the sun? What about you — will you be downloading and trying out Hyperlapse?

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About the Author
Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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