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It's Moving Day for Facebook Messenger
By: Jennifer Graber
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Pack up the boxes, and do not forget to secure them with duct tape. Make sure your checklist is complete. And lastly, remember to do a final walkthrough so no belongings are left behind. It is moving day for Facebook, folks. The social media giant is at it again with the changes. It is no longer a question of if Facebook will make changes, but when.
Facebook users can currently chat with others within the mobile app, as well as use other standard features. However, in the coming weeks Facebook will be moving its mobile chat feature to a standalone app. Right now users are seeing a notification regarding the pending changes when they select the mobile chat option. The notification message encourages users to go ahead and download the new app before it becomes a non-option. Once the change becomes final users will still see message notifications within the Facebook app. However, they will then be required to open the separate Messenger app to view a message or respond.
The move to a separate app was based on the company’s desire to create “the best mobile service for messaging.” Facebook also made the move in order to lessen confusion based on using “two products for the same thing.” It makes sense to have a clear idea of exactly what an app does. This portion does this and this portion does that. Something plain and simple makes it easy to know precisely where to go or what to do when wanting to perform an action.
However, what is wrong with putting all that functionality into one place? Why can the messaging in the Facebook app not have the same features as the separate app? Presumably it would have an impact on processing speed, so that might be a downside. But you already have to use separate apps to manage other Facebook features, so why add one? To have full usage on a Facebook business page you need to download the Facebook Pages app. Otherwise, you cannot respond to user messages and so forth.
It does not appear like it will be long before there is a separate app for every single option. But with all the issues Facebook has had in the past it seems as if the social media site would perfect what it has first—before creating anything new and different. And maybe breaking out separate apps is its way of improving. Facebook kind of has a monopoly on social media so it can do a bit of whatever it pleases as we all are held captive. Let’s cross our fingers that this Messenger move is one towards a better social experience, and not another “what the heck did they do” moment.

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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