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How High Are You?
By: Jennifer Graber
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Human connection is the basis of life. The bonds we forge help us to thrive. We connect based on chemistry, shared experiences, common interests, and more. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to find others who are interested in the same topics or lifestyles that we are. So, it is always refreshing when a way to connect with others springs forth. A new social platform that has hit the Internet is bringing users together by asking one simple question…”how high are you?” Seems a bit like a virtual Woodstock, right?
PuffPuffChat is an online platform that recently debuted. Users can connect “with random high people from all over the world” via video chat or text chat (similar to Chatroulette). To link up, all users have to do is rate how high they currently are using a scale of zero to ten. The use of a zero rating was meant to indicate a level of soberness so that non-smokers would be able to join in on the fun.
PuffPuffChat was conceived during a mind-altering experience, of course. And the site was designed to foster creative, flowing, open, and friendly conversations within the pro-smoking community. The creator of PuffPuffChat wanted a way for pro-smokers to come together to share high experiences, and for non-smokers to be a part of these types of altered conversations. Apparently, a high conversation is like a trip into unexplored territory.
Honestly, it sounds kind of crazy when you first think about it. Are high people having deep, meaningful conversations? Really? It causes one to wonder exactly what sort of topics might be discussed on PuffPuffChat. Do they discuss what snack cured their munchies and smoking habits? Or do they dive into the realm of art and world peace?
And what are the implications of this site for marketers? Is there any branding potential beyond what one would typically expect on a pro-smoking site? It seems somewhat challenging to think beyond the usual suspects. For instance, would a university or car manufacturer consider digital advertising on PuffPuffChat? It is likely that only time will tell if more serious brands take a leap of faith and dip into their wallets to advertise on the site.
This just shows that there really is an online platform for everyone and everything — including one where it is okay to admit you inhaled.

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About the Author
Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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