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MTV VMA Nominees Snap!
By: Jennifer Graber
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Digital permanence can be quite the commitment. What happens in cyber space, well, everyone knows about. And once it is out there it is never going away, as much as we all might like to make that happen. Apparently that was just a bit too much for MTV. The network will announce its Video Music Awards (or VMA) nominees in a new way this year.

In previous years MTV has utilized both Vine and Instagram to announce nominations for the VMAs. However, this year the VMAs have officially snapped. The MTV network has said that it will use Snapchat instead this year to announce VMA nominees. MTV will begin airing the eight Snaps on July 17 (today) at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Each Snapchat will feature a musical artist or MTV television star announcing some of the nominees.

Tom Fishman, MTV Content Marketing VP, stated that MTV hopes using Snapchat will really amp up the reach of the network, since it is new to platform. It sounds like MTV is banking on the fan base of the musical artists and television stars. But the question is, will fans actually spread the word by taking the discussions and screenshots beyond Snapchat?

The interesting thing about this tactic is that MTV is not planning on making the announcement a Snapchat exclusive. About an hour after the Snaps are released, MTV will then announce the nominees on other social media platforms — might be old news at that point. It is like MTV has a back-up in case the Snaps do not go viral, but it is planned in such a way that you might not notice.

How many fans are going to flock to MTV’s Snapchat account just to see the VMA nominees? Will there be an influx of new followers? And will they be going for the actual announcement OR the person doing the announcing? Either way, it is a digital victory for MTV. After all, the network will get the fans it desires. But is piggybacking off the fan base of another brand, person, etc. a strategic choice? Sure, it will get you a boost in followers. But do they care more about your content or the other’s content? And does it really matter?

It is uncertain whether other award shows will follow suit by using Snapchat to broadcast nominees, though it seems less likely to happen with classic, established award shows. But maybe all award shows will eventually be forced by the digital age to conform.

Will you be snapping along with MTV?

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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