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Android or Apple: Who Deserves Your Selfie?
By: Kim Kramer
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I, for one, am a die-hard Apple fan. That’s why I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5. I chucked my iPhone off my two-story balcony and went straight for a Samsung.
You look as perplexed as I was when I made the decision. Said chucking of my iPhone was an accident, but the Samsung purchase was intentional.
I have been an Apple devotee from the time I could spell “Macintosh.” I flunked spelling a few times in elementary school, but never mind that. The point is I have all things Apple: iPods, iPod shuffles, four generations of iPhones, laptops, desktops and even an Apple TV.
So why did I question my fierce loyalty to Apple and the late and brilliant Steve Jobs? I wanted to lurk in the depths of the dark side for myself. See firsthand what the 1 billion Android users were so excited about. Apparently, it’s selfies.
Android users collectively generated 93 million selfies last year. That’s certainly something, and Google anticipates more duck-face selfies in the coming future. At the I/O developers conference last week Sundar Pichai announced in his keynote address the launch of AndroidOne and Android “L,” which is a strong counterpart to Apple’s iOS8. This might be a more compelling reason for the piqued interest.
We all know Google’s goal is to take over the world. As part of this Pinky and the Brain plot, they will be providing affordable smartphones to parts of the world that currently do not have access. This is currently 90% of the world’s population. Much like those zany laboratory mice, the search giant has devised a plan: tap in to that figure and reach 1 billion more users in 2015. They will start by launching AndroidOne later this fall in India. AndroidOne and its hardware reference platform will provide high-quality, affordable smartphones for less than $100 each. Seems like a pretty sweet deal.
If it works, AndroidOne should take them from 20 billion text messages sent through an Android last year to 7 gazillion or theresabouts in 2015. Well played, Google. Well played.
The Android tablets are seeing some serious action, too, with 62% of the overall tablet market in 2014. Last year they were at 46%, and the year before that at 39%, according to our friend Sundar Pichai.
But, both Android and Apple plan to go beyond just your mobile and tablet. The intention is to have an entire ecosystem controlled primarily through smartphones. Choose carefully, my friends; once you commit your entire life may be affected by it. Audacious (looks like that spelling thing worked out), but perhaps true. Want to display pictures on your TV, control your entire house through an app, play tunes in your car? That’s cool, totally doable. But, is it going to be Googlecast or Airplay? Apple Maps or Google Maps? Apple Carplay or Android Auto? Siri or Google Voice?
The hope is that the industry will embrace both tech giants in one big obligatory group hug and you won’t need to pledge your allegiance to either one. Ideally both operating systems would be seamless and compatible. But, Google and Apple gotta hustle, too. They want your loyalty and likely by design will continue to produce differentiating features. So, is your loyalty unbreakable or has the trend to tiptoe to the other side begun? Wait, what’s that face you’re making? Are you taking a selfie? 

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About the Author
Kim Kramer has been wheeling and dealing on the electronic super highway for the last 10+ years. She has worked with global and national brands from consumer package goods and finance, to technology at companies such as DigitasLBi, 22squared, and Omnicom subsidiaries in digital production, project management and consulting. You can connect with her on LinkedIn. kimberleyakramer@gmail.com
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