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Wearable Technology: Trailblazer or Dweeb?
By: Kim Kramer
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I think we’ve all learned showing up at a bar sporting Google Glasses lacks dexterity. But, what about a Recon Jet?! You’re sure to gain friends and allies with this beauty. It’s mainly for sports-buffs but for a number of tech junkies there’s also some serious potential for hero status at your next online role-playing mixer. 
The Recon Jet is a product of Recon Instruments and boasts the processing power of a smartphone and includes an HD video camera and a full-color widescreen display.
Later this fall, you’ll also be able to whip out a pair of Gear Blinks. Family, friends, and Instagramers alike will surely delight in snapping pics of you in your swanky Samsung Google Glass wannabes. Bless ‘em. The Samsung device does sound pretty sweet with possible features that include the ability to scroll through text just by looking up or down.
Rumor has it Apple is in production of an iWatch that is sure to gain attention in the wearable tech category. Amazon has also now opened a wearable technology store where dweebs like moi can peruse a plethora of wearable devices.
Have you always wanted to be your own sustainable energy source? Duh. Me too. Well, it’s on the horizon. Freaks and geeks otherwise known as fashion designers and scientists have teamed up to create Wearable Solar. An augmentation of cloth with solar cells to generate a solar power source. Holy frock! Power suits for everyone.
Whether we like it or not wearable technology is growing like an awkward pre-teen in a training bra. You and your Google Glasses may only be able to hang out with the family pet at parties now but just you wait. As soon as we cross the threshold of better design, you will be transformed into a beautiful lotus flower. Yes, you with the beard. You’ll be a haute fashionista one day. A pretty pink blossoming trailblazer.
So, forget about the fear and panic of losing your smartphone. Soon we will be scrapping them all together in lieu of something wearable. Or perhaps for you avant-garde types, this brings a whole new meaning to the word implants. One step at a time. For now, let’s rock our holographic leather pants and glow-in-the-dark threads.

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About the Author
Kim Kramer has been wheeling and dealing on the electronic super highway for the last 10+ years. She has worked with global and national brands from consumer package goods and finance, to technology at companies such as DigitasLBi, 22squared, and Omnicom subsidiaries in digital production, project management and consulting. You can connect with her on LinkedIn. kimberleyakramer@gmail.com
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