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News Stations Integrate New Media With Tradition
By: Monique Brown
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In a digital world filled with instant gratification, the way we view news has prompted news outlets to conform. Sure, TV news isn't obsolete, but new media has taken over allowing, citizen journalism and digital media to gain popularity. 

Local news stations have finally found a means to appeal to Web 2.0 and provide viewers with their fix of news on the go. And unlike watching news on television, users do not have to watch uninteresting stories. Users are able to tailor the news they want to see. News apps offer live streaming, weather, traffic, and even sports.

Allowing us to watch what we want kills the stigma that news is depressing and only about violence. Instead, it allows users to stay abreast of current news and see that news stations have a lot more to offer.

WAVY TV 10 in Portsmouth, VA has an app that proves their slogan “On Your Side” correct. The app is user friendly and offers various settings. Users have the option to receive breaking news and weather alert texts to their cell phones. Users can also choose the video option so the only news they see is through videos rather than just reading stories. Another great option the WAVY 10 app has is the “Report It” tab. This tab allows users to become a reporter. There is a section to type what you’re reporting and you can also add photo and video files.

6abc Action News in Philadelphia has some useful features included in their app. There are tabs for surrounding states such as Delaware and New Jersey so users can get news tailored to their state. There are also tabs for trending news, entertainment news, and even consumer news. Another great feature the app has is tabs for TV shows. Good Morning America is a popular ABC show and the app’s tab for this show provides countless videos of the show’s news content.  

Fox 11 LA provides you with the option to record video, take photos, send emails, or select photos from your photo gallery to provide the station with information. The app also includes horoscopes and business news.

All three apps allow users to watch daily news shows live on their phones or tablets. These apps work well because not only are they convenient, but they also keep you up-to-date with local, national, and international news and allow you to engage in reporting news without having to be in front of a TV.

If your local news station has a cool app too, tell us about it in the comments below.

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About the Author
Monique Y. Brown works in Production for WTKR NewsChannel 3. She holds a B.A. in English, a M.A. in Public Relations and a second M.A. in Journalism. Monique has a love for words and a strong passion for writing. She appreciates writing because she feels it gives everyone a voice. m.y.brown2@gmail.com
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