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Snapchat Brings 'True' Chat in New Update
By: Isaiah Reed
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Snapchat has brought true "chat" to both its iPhone and Android apps with its most recent update. Users will now be able to send messages to each other that are automatically deleted once the app is closed. 
But that's not all...
There is now a live video-chat feature that can be activated if you and your recipient both have the app open at the same time. A small button in the bottom-right corner of the new messaging window will let you know if they're available.
After using the feature for a few days, it becomes one that you didn't know you needed until now. Avid Snapchat users have eventually gotten the "all-black" picture with just text in order to send a message. Having to continuously think of things to take pictures of for a conversation became somewhat of a barrier.
Have something that you need to save in a message? It's as simple as swiping your finger to save it in the app. There is also the tried-and-true screenshot method if you'd like to make it a photo.
The new live-video feature seems to be an aim at the FaceTime or Skype market. It's very simple to start a video chat, and by swiping your thumb to the top of the screen you can choose to use the rear camera and show what you're looking at before swiping back down to the front facing camera.
This is a much-welcome update for power Snapchat users, but maybe not so much for its casual fans. The update also provides a slicker UI that is noticeable as soon as the app is opened. 
Snapchat continues to prove it doesn't need to be acquired by a large company (like Facebook) to innovate or create features users need. For the official video of the Snapchat update, you can go here.

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Isaiah has a bachelors degree in Public Relations and has to try every new social networking app at least once. An avid gamer who loves to write he has written freelance for various video game and technology websites. Feel free to follow him on twitter @isaiahreed. isaiah.reed@icloud.com
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