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NYPD Twitter Hashtag May Prove Foolish
By: Jessica Cherok
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Have we learned nothing from McDonald’s Twitter fail? Apparently the NYPD hasn’t. The department started a new hashtag recently, #myNYPD, and it’s been met with quite a lot of backlash.

Almost immediately after the hashtag was launched, thousands of replies bombarded the NYPD account. And similar to the #McDstories fail, most of the responses were negative.

When McDonald’s launched #McDstories, they were met with tweets telling of bad service, food, and disgusting locations. The fast-food giant learned a hard lesson about balancing social media engagement with negative public perception. It was a lesson that many other companies took note of.

#myNYPD was greeted with the same negativity. The department received comments on police brutality, as well as controversial crimes and other scandals. In addition to negative commentary, many tweets also included photos. The pictures showed officers in questionable situations with people they were dealing with in the line of duty.

Unlike McDonald’s, who pulled their #McDstories campaign a mere hours after launch, the NYPD isn’t shying away from the commentary, though. According to the commissioner, “If anything, I welcome the extra attention.” There definitely has been extra attention. Since the #myNYPD campaign launched, the department has garnered over 4,000 new followers.

Whether the hashtag will ultimately pay off for the police department in the long run remains to be seen.

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Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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