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SAM in my Pants
By: Len Kornblau
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POISE is a feminine leakage protection product. It's the product idea from which Guards for men was created.
Former NFL star and sideline analyst Tony Siragusa is the spokesman for Guards. The POISE product focuses on Super Absorbent Material (SAM) as a Unique Selling Proposition, hence “SAM in my pants!”
Both are great ways to advertise undesirable products, or ones we wish we could avoid.
By using a macho football player to alleviate any stigma, we harken back to the early days of Lite Beer, which was initially considered a less-than-masculine product. Then Miller destroyed that imagine with an iconic campaign of retired sports figures promoting the brew.
POISE doesn't have that jock approach as an option. It has to go a more feminine route with understanding, bonding, and acceptance as key elements. It delivers them in a great way. The spot grabs your attention and keeps it. Men and women stay focused on message as they await the payoff. It delivers the benefit with a demonstration and still keeps everyone’s attention.
It’s funny from start to finish.
It’s true to the target.
It delivers the benefit.
It entertains even non-targets.
It’s a great ad.
It’s why we love this business!


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Len Kornblau (@ProfessorAdwiz on Twitter) is an advertising and marketing pro who has taught at universities and excelled at field marketing and account service.
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