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When Someone Steals Your iPhone…Hit the ‘Kill Switch’
By: Emory Brown
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Okay, the headline may leave those of us with submerged deviant behavior in a state of pure glee. But I am sorry to report that you can’t take an iPhone-stealing hoodlum out with the use of a voice command and a micro-explosive that’s embedded in your iPhone. Yet, I have to admit, it would be kind of secret-agent-cool to sit back and watch some sucker who just snatched some poor unsuspecting Apple enthusiast’s gadget make it to the end of the block, and then boom,  smoke, and he’s down for the reading of his rights.

However, I am going to write a petition to have stun-gun features added to the Apple devices. I’m pro-life. The kill switch is an activation lock that prevents thieves from using stolen phones. This app may change the face of mobile security forever. 

Okay. For those who don’t value the beauty of the iPhone, it may sound ridiculous. But there is some merit to creating such a kill switch for mobile devices as a whole. What has now become known as “apple picking” has become a major crime in cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Nationwide smartphone theft is at an all-time high. You have to think about it in these terms: the iPhone retails at $399.00+ for 32GB. If an apple picker can steal three or four a day and sell them for about $100.00, that becomes a healthy little stream of cash.
According to Consumer Reports, in 2012 — in the United States alone — about 1.6 million phones were stolen, and a large percentage of those were iPhones. The kill switch will become a free anti-theft feature on all smartphones made after July 2015. Law enforcement officials believe that this feature will help eliminate phone theft completely, because criminals will no longer have an incentive to steal them. New York has a unit specifically tasked to handle mobile device thefts. Talking about Law & Order MOBILE. Thefts of smartphones and other mobile devices increased in several major cities again in 2013, including New York, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. So you know that this is a serious matter. State and federal legislatures are debating whether or not every smartphone should include stronger anti-theft technology.
In 2011, the overall crime rate in New York raised 3%. However, if you subtracted just the increase in Apple product thefts, there would have been an overall decrease in New York crime. That’s scary! 
So, no matter where you are in the world, know that your friends at Apple have armed you with a weapon to outsmart the savvy street thieves. If your iPhone is ever abducted, hit the kill switch. Instant defeat to all apple pickers! 


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About the Author
Emory Brown is an award-winning creative director/writer whose mission is to spread the gospel of what great marketers can do when they put their heads together and work together for the greater good and not the bottom line. Working with many esteemed clients, his portfolio of work ranges in genre from conservative to ultra-modern including American Family Insurance, United Airlines, Mazda 6 and RX-8, Illinois Lottery, Tyson, Miller Genuine Draft, Nike Air Force 1, and Mercedes Benz, to name a few.  
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