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Moderators Censor on Reddit
By: Jessica Cherok
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If there's one thing Reddit users hate, it's censorship. But that's exactly what happened to r/technology, and people are downright annoyed by it.
r/technology has over five million users, and had been featured as one of the default subreddits on the site's homepage. The subreddit has since been removed while r/technology's moderators get their act together. It is unclear how long it will be off the homepage.
r/technology's moderators are accused of using a filter to automatically remove any post containing controversial words like "Obama," "Congress," "Bitcoin," "Snowden," and others. The moderators, who are unpaid volunteers, do have discretionary power, but apparently had just implemented the filter in order to not have to deal with the impending controversy such posts cause. That, says Reddit, is not okay.
The censorship is believed to have been going on for nearly eight months, although it was only just discovered by a Reddit user recently.

This isn't the first time such controversy has gotten a subreddit kicked off the main page. Last year both r/politics and r/atheism were removed as defaults.

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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