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Advertising's Favorite Show Returns
By: Len Kornblau
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Yes, it’s that time again. A terrific series about our favorite industry is back on the air.
And with it comes a veritable plethora of “could have been” ads. Fortunately, they never saw the light of day. If they had, Sterling Cooper would have been out of business in season one.
But the portrayal of ad life in the sixties is pretty accurate, as is the authentic brand usage and attitudes of the characters. It’s also nice to see the stereotypical presentation of clients and some well-known personalities.
It’s even funnier when the media interviews children of advertising icons who claim their dad is/is not like Don Draper. Maybe they wish! Or maybe they are just glad!
The sad part is that the series will end without venturing into the '70s. It would be good to see what happens to some of the dinosaurs and the up-and-comers alike.
Imagine the show fast-forwarding into the '90s, when suits and cigarettes disappeared from offices. Alas, we will have to make good (pun intended) with nostalgia.


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About the Author
Len Kornblau (@ProfessorAdwiz on Twitter) is an advertising and marketing pro who has taught at universities and excelled at field marketing and account service.
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