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Lorde Calls Out Edited Pictures
By: Jennifer Graber
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This week the musical artist Lorde took a brave step forward in her fight to be seen as a real person. She just kicked over that pedestal right over. And she really scored some points for her personal brand in the meantime (yes, people are brands too). One would assume that all teenage girls want to keep their flaws hidden away for not a single soul to see. And, honestly, that assumption would be a reasonable one to make. After all, consider who teenage girls look up to perfect celebrities devoid of any flaw. But let’s just say that Lorde is not your typical teenage girl — or celebrity.
Earlier this week photos of Lorde performing at Lollapalooza in Santiago, Chile were released. And she looked impeccable in the photos — absolutely stunning. There was not a single blemish on her face or an imperfection in sight. Who wouldn’t mind a picture-perfect photograph? Apparently, Lorde would — all for an amazing reason, too. Lorde found the photographs just a bit interesting and far too perfect for her taste. She tweeted out to her 1 million plus followers that she found the images “curious” because her skin looked flawless in them, pointing out the fact that Photoshop had been used to erase signs of acne. Lorde took it a step further and even posted a comparison picture that pitted the edited image against a “real” photo from the very same day. Lorde urged us all to “remember flaws are okay."
That is an absolutely remarkable lesson for a young woman to learn and share, already. Many adults still struggle with the idea that flaws are permissible. Lorde, as a person and a brand, is fighting to show us all that it is more than okay to be real and flawed. In fact, Lorde has embraced an “anti-Photoshop” philosophy, renouncing overly edited photographs of herself...or anyone, really. She, and an increasing number of celebrities, feels as if these "Photoshopped" images create impossible and “inhuman” standards.
So why aren’t more brands, people and otherwise, taking the same stance as Lorde and other celebrities? Specifically, why isn’t this anti-Photoshop stance taking hold in publishing, fashion, and similar industries? Well, when working in that world, one is led to believe Photoshop is your friend. And when your job is to make consumers lust after your brand, it almost makes sense to do anything to sell it. Why not touch up a photograph so that everything is impeccable? And who wouldn’t want to buy makeup or clothes or some product that grants you the perceived perfection so many strive for?
Sure, we would all love to believe the actor or artist we idolize is the perfect human we envision. But, the truth of the matter is, it is simply not realistic. When brands use airbrushed, or overdone, photographs we all get the wrong impression. It leads us to believe that is what people, or celebrities, look like. However, they are real people too — who may even have bad hair days, wrinkly faces, acne, extra curves, or a crooked smile. And isn’t it more inspiring to know that someone you look up to is real? Being real is far better than being a fake version of anything.
It is absolutely refreshing to see that Lorde, as a person and as a brand, is embracing that whole-heartedly. More brands should consider taking the real approach, letting the world know that nobody is perfect. And it is perfectly acceptable to be real and be you, whoever that may be.


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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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