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Bye Bye, Baby!
By: Shaherra Rolen
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After six years, the E-Trade talking baby quits. He didn’t turn in his two-week customary resignation. His on-camera departure somewhat reflects real life. 
After being introduced to the world in a 2008 Super Bowl ad, the talking baby became a staple for the simplicity of online trading with E-Trade. For the next six years, he shared his tips and we got to see a glimpse of his room, friendships, and pet that he likes to ride like a small horse (my favorite). Just like us, being in the same position for years at a time, sitting in front of a screen, forced to work with another employee that is absolutely impossible to work with, the baby outgrew his position. 
It was time to move on.
The “talking baby” campaign was not the only trade being made. In January 2013, banking industry veteran Paul Idzik was named CEO. Also, advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather has taken the reigns from Grey. It’s going to be interesting to see what marketing direction the company will go to next. 
What are your thoughts about the talking baby departure? What will E-Trade have to do now to stay top of mind for consumers?
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