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Calm Down with the Hashtags, Already
By: Jessica Cherok
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Some of us need to #seriouslystopit with all of the #crazylongandoverlycomplexhashtags.

We all have that friend whose every post includes — not one, but several — super long hashtags. Hashtags were meant to unify posts, to make finding likeminded people easier, but now we’re just abusing it, and it has to stop.

Here’s what happens. Your significant other buys you some new perfume or cologne. You snap a pic and upload it to your social media outlet of choice with a string of hashtags:

#ohmygosh! #lookatwhatmysuperthoughtfulbabycakesjustboughtforme #bestever!!

Then everyone on your feed does an eye roll.

Ridiculously long hashtags are hard to read, not to mention annoying. They hurt our eyes and our sensibilities. Worse, hashtag-mania doesn’t seem to be limited to regular users. Businesses are doing the same thing. Meaning someone whose job it is to market a brand thinks that people will be searching #bestdealondinnerplatesinthetristatearea. No one is searching that.

And no one ever will.

You’re not getting a good return on your effort with hashtags like that. Not only are you missing out on a chance to use appropriately identifying hashtags, you’re also running the risk of annoying your friends and customers. Long hashtags actually accomplish the opposite of what hashtags are meant to do.

It’s high time we get back to simpler hashtags. Short, sweet, and easy.

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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