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Social Media Movers
By: Shaherra Rolen
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It’s social media takeover! Just a few short years ago, if someone wanted to break into the movie, music, or any other highly sought-after industry, they needed an agent, a prayer, and whole lot of persistence. There were also those freak chances that a producer discovered you singing in a nightclub or sitting in a coffee shop with “The Look." Those opportunities still arise; however, social media has become the conduit for talent hopefuls to be seen not only by industry leaders but also the entire world.
Jen Selter, Maria Kang, and the “She Ratchet” fellas (Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson) have all gained popularity, a huge fan following, and media attention through their social media sites. Selter has gained notoriety with postings on her Instagram page, capturing her assets and intense workouts. Kang, who has three young children, drew both applause and criticism for her fit physique and photos posted on Facebook. The Hudsons made and posted videos on YouTube that grew into the national phenomenon of the term “She ratchet."
What’s so different? Through accident or sheer strategy, these four people became Social Media Movers. Not only did they use new and inventive channels to reach a target audience, they capitalized on these platforms that catapulted them into the spotlight. They are using these platforms to get their message out there and continue their success by building their brands through entrepreneurship, national interviews, and photo shoots.  Once everyday people, now Selter, Kang, and the Hudsons are highly sought-after commodities with fitness magazines, script reads, and hosting opportunities.
The opportunity is out there. Just look around!

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About the Author
Shaherra Rolen has over seven years' experience in public relations, marketing, client management, event activation and advertising experience. Shaherra holds a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from Georgia Southern University and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Ashford University. She is an avid writer and specializes in topics covering marketing, millennials, family life, and food. You can catch more of her freelance blogging on: truemomsjourney.com, onthepynkcouch.com and Shaherra.com.  Find her on Twitter @ShaherraR.
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