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On Sale Now! Apple iPhones in Brazil
By: Emory Brown
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Okay. I have to say that as a creative person, I have “Mac-it is.” I have an Apple iPod, an Apple laptop, iTunes, and once I had an Apple email account. I’m stopping now; someone may think I have an Apple shrine in my basement in a minute. Either way, I am a member of the Apple tribe and I love being a tribesman. However, when I found out that Apple will be opening new stores in Brazil and selling iPhones for $1,174.00 plus tax, I was like, wow, so buying an iPhone in America for about $600.00+ is a sale.

Opening in new markets can be a great thing for a company. New customers, new opportunities, new product innovations based on local customs. We can talk about this until Christmas. Yet what is also a great thing is the opportunity to control price on a different scale based on rates of exchange.
On Saturday last week, Apple opened the doors of its first store in Brazil, which happens to be the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market and one of the world’s top emerging markets. Therefore, it is key for Apple to create a footprint in Brazil because the iPhone is a global product that has cash registers ringing.
1,700 people showed up at the store opening. That’s bananas! 1,700! Yet the craziness about it all is that the Brazilian government hasn’t really provided Apple with any real relief from the import tariffs that drive the price on its products so high. Still, “Mac-itis” has infected the citizens of  Brazil, because people are ready to pay to have their phones. Apple has even taken steps to cut prices on some phones and they’re also working to have some iPhones and iPads manufactured in Brazil to give their customer base a relief.

This is truly a case study in the power of great product marketing and product innovation. Apple is positioning itself to become a major player in the smartphone market in Brazil and making concessions to make the Brazilian Apple fanatic a customer who will be enjoying the Mac experience for a very long time. Apple Store number one is just the beginning. Apple domination is the goal! And at $1,000+ a phone for market entry…next quarter’s sales report should look really nice. 


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About the Author
Emory Brown is an award-winning creative director/writer whose mission is to spread the gospel of what great marketers can do when they put their heads together and work together for the greater good and not the bottom line. Working with many esteemed clients, his portfolio of work ranges in genre from conservative to ultra-modern including American Family Insurance, United Airlines, Mazda 6 and RX-8, Illinois Lottery, Tyson, Miller Genuine Draft, Nike Air Force 1, and Mercedes Benz, to name a few.  
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