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Random Ad Thoughts
By: Len Kornblau
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Because it’s cold and still snowy in the Northeast…
  • Did anyone really buy a heart-shaped pizza?
  • Would anyone in his or her right mind buy a heart-shaped pizza?
  • Does the son in the new IKEA ads really wonder more about his room than how his parents could possibly assemble the kitchen parts?
  • Is Coke jubilant that the Olympic Nordic skiers are wearing short sleeves and need a cold drink at the finish line?
  • What was NBC thinking when they put the USA vs. Russia hockey game on its cable NBC Sports Network instead of Broadcast Network?
  • Why does the NFL pay Roger Goodell $35 million plus huge bonuses? Why not boost the economy by dropping his salary and the TV spot rates and maybe advertisers will drop their retail prices?
  • How can weather forecasters be so wrong about snow accumulations 24 hours ahead of the storm? And why do advertisers sponsor such guesses?
  • Incredibly, with the cold and snowy winter, I don’t see many ads for hot cocoa.
  • Spring Training has started, so where are the ads for Orange Juice? 
May the thaw reach us soon!


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About the Author
Len Kornblau (@ProfessorAdwiz on Twitter) is an advertising and marketing pro who has taught at universities and excelled at field marketing and account service.
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