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Twitter Gets A Facelift?
By: Devon Travern
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As we all know, Twitter is good for a random update that changes the aesthetics and user experience for those of us with profiles on the notoriously popular social media platform. Opinions on the layout of Twitter range depending on the user, but for the most part, people are satisfied with the look and functionality of Twitter. However, just like any brand, Twitter is on the hunt for the next stage in its lifecycle; trying different things to rival competitors such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the list goes on. Recently, Twitter has been testing some new changes that make the site look a little similar to Facebook.

First, there seems to be a larger focus on photos and a step away from the vertical timeline display we’ve all grown so comfortable with. It looks like if the change goes through users will see the full page layout of profiles they choose to visit. The profile picture is aligned to the left with profile information falling right under it. The header stretches horizontally for the entire length of the page and directly under that you can see that person's statistics. Again, laid horizontally across the screen, you can see that person’s number of tweets posted, photos/videos posted, number of followers, favorites, and even views. Normally a user has to be verified in order for other users to be able to see their tweets and replies but with this test it appears that the option for that has been extended to all users on Twitter. Up to this point it seems as if everyone will be on a level playing field and be able to share the same experience, which is what makes social media so much fun in the first place.

One can assume that the motive behind the change is to more closely compete with the usability of Facebook and Google+. Both of those social media platforms have more of an open landscape, so to speak. You can see everything at once on those timelines and the images are larger. For users on those platforms, there is a lot less clicking that must be done in order to see new information. It’s all right in front of you. This is important when it comes to leisurely aspects of social media. Users want to do the least amount of work possible, even if it only takes a few clicks to get somewhere. If people can get to that same info without clicking through as much clutter, usually they’re all for it.  

However, there is one question that remains to be answered. How will Twitter continue to set itself apart when it seems to be conforming to the same traits as its competitors? The world awaits that answer. Until then, tweet away, fellow social media lovers!

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About the Author
Devon Travern is a student of all that surrounds him. He believes in the world's need for innovation and forward thinking. With a BA in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensbroro, his passion lies in social media and branding. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of LiveInspired Magazine, Devon is focused on sharing the stories of up-and-comers set to revolutionize the way we live. As a freelance social media strategist and branding consultant, he has also played a role in helping to build and establish the brands of companies such as KadoNYC, Gallium Digital Agency, and No Hassle Co. A cultural connoisseur and a visionary, Devon seeks to help others realize their potential while reaching his at the same time
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