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The Lauren Conrad Brand = Girl Power
By: Jennifer Graber
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Lauren Conrad, or L.C. to former Laguna Beach and The Hills viewers, has shed the reality starlet persona. Conrad has stepped away from the light of reality television and has made a respectable, and fashionable, name for herself. She has built several fashion brands from the ground up, such as LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's  and Paper Crown. Conrad has also written several best-selling books, appeared in admired and revered publications, and designed pieces for an eco-friendly company. She has also developed an online lifestyle portal. Lauren Conrad’s website is a mix of social network and lifestyle destination where “lovely and chic” collide. The site features fashion, recipes, crafts, fitness tips, décor ideas, dining tips and ideas, and much more.
These feats are impressive, right? Even more so when you consider that Conrad is still under 30 years of age. So asking her questions is a wonderful opportunity to pick her brain on her success. You could get very sound advice from a wise young woman. What makes her tick? How did she build these brand segments so well? What is her inspiration? How does she define a successful business model or brand? How does she reach consumers? These are all examples of effective questions to delve into the business mind of Conrad. If there are so many types of questions that one can ask her in, say an interview, why in the world is she getting asked such ridiculous questions instead?
In an interview that has recently surfaced again, Conrad was asked to draw questions from a mystery mix. The mix contained a wide variety of queries. One question, however, went way over the line. A mystery question that Conrad drew from the box unabashedly asked her what her favorite position was. Of all the things you can ask a businesswoman, and this is what you come up with? Really?! This sort of offensive question could have, understandably, thrown Conrad for a loop. But she simply took a moment and responded ever-so brilliantly. Conrad’s response was “CEO.” CEO sounds like a pretty good position. Score one for the Lauren Conrad brand.
Conrad’s genius response in the resurfaced interview has garnered a great deal of positive attention for her already popular brand. The brand will now be associated with female empowerment, rightfully so. It has the potential to show woman and young girls everywhere that being a leader of any brand means you do not have to accept the norm. Challenge the status quo. Shake things up a bit and prove that you can, regardless of who you are, give your brand wings and it can soar. There is no need for certain types of brand leaders and those from particular backgrounds to have to put up with this kind of questioning. When you can learn some valuable branding and lifestyle tips, why on Earth would you choose to not do so? Why choose to ask something irrelevant and out of bounds? Lauren Conrad is a successful brand and woman, and she definitely has spunky girl power. Way to go!


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About the Author
Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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