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Coke Wants Your #ReasonsToBelieve
By: Jennifer Graber
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Each day of human interaction that we encounter can sometimes make it difficult to fathom the world being anything but negative. Harsh words, judgment, low self-esteem, lack of empathy, and peer pressure are just a few things that can be found within those exchanges. And those things can really make it challenging to recall what is positive. Well, Coke is out to change that. The soda giant is trying to spread “optimism” and “happiness” in its campaign — Reasons To Believe (In A Better World). The brand truly believes that for every negative thing in the world there are a thousand positive things to counteract it.
The campaign will feature a television commercial, in-store activity, outdoor activity, and digital components. Coke’s plan for the commercial is to showcase a comparison of negative and positive situations. The idea behind Coke’s commercial is to prove, to consumers, the existence of a greater percentage of positive energy in the world. The campaign also will have a strong digital presence and component. Coke will not only launch the campaign on Coke Zone, but it will also partner with Xbox, Kindle, and Spotify in order to “maximize the reach."
A benefit of the Coke Zone will be that the brand can digitally interact with consumers via Twitter and Instagram. Coke wants you to share on social media your #ReasonsToBelieve in a world that is better; one that is inspirational and beautiful. The hope, for Coke, is that consumers will continue to perceive it as a nostalgic brand that is returning to its emotional roots planted firmly in everyday culture.
The latest stint of the Reasons To Believe campaign was set to launch in the United Kingdom earlier this week. This most recent launch coincided with the installation of an art piece. The art piece is an interactive, 10-cube screen sculpture. A few of the cubes on this piece are linked directly to Twitter feeds and will showcase the top positive words being tweeted out. The remainder of the cubes will showcase statistics and digital findings regarding positivity versus negativity online.
Coke’s Reason To Believe digital campaign sounds pretty great. It is a way to put the consumers in control of their own digital destiny. It lets them control what path their online world and life in general, can take — positive or negative. It can really give consumers an opportunity to analyze and purposefully look for the beautiful, and encouraging, things online and out in the world. There is an inherent risk, however, in placing control in the hands of the consumer; especially online, where things can be permanently saved and displayed. And no matter how honorable your intentions are online, people can sometimes take the campaign in a direction far from what you envisioned. But overall, the premise of the digital elements of Coke’s campaign almost seems necessary. A greater number of brands need to be promoting a more cohesive and affirmative online community.
However, the flip side is, this campaign’s digital pieces have been met with some resistance. Some consumers doubt the legitimacy of Coke’s online statistics, saying that they seem to be staged or fixed. Others have said that it is just too “cheesy.” And even some are criticizing the brand for its promotion of online positivity despite its sponsorship of the Olympics in Russia. What are your thoughts? Are these statements simply the online negativity Coke is attempting to combat? Can you just not please some people? Or is there some truth being brought by the naysayers?

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Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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