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RageChill: No 'Thumbs Down' Button Necessary
By: Victoria Hoey
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Remember pacing around your bedroom with a radio trying to tune in that elusive college station? Or, like a scene out of Empire Records, when “all the beautiful little tattooed, gum-chewing, freaks” got to put on their music at the local Internet café? Now, there is an in underlying feeling of “what are you trying to sell me?” in mass media. The oversaturation of record label influence on conventional streaming radio has made it difficult to find a true source of quality music. With all the cafés going corporate and the colleges getting franchised, there is still one place to turn.

RageChill is back from a nine-month hiatus with more music and now more videos. Prior to the break, this not-so-underground site logged upwards of 30,000 unique listeners a day and since its triumphant return is proud to report about 15,000 listeners a day and growing steadily. “We are so pumped to be back and glad that our fans welcomed us with open arms,” said cofounder Will Schreiber to Digital Pivot.

This StumbleUpon favorite was launched in February 2010 and quickly became a great source for everything from energetic and creative mashups to beautiful '70s back beats or soul. This is the perfect site for any party or gathering. Not all songs are SFW, however, and there is no filter option. So if you are streaming at your desk you might want to wear headphones. Later on, when you need some extra energy to fold that huge pile of laundry or some gentle tunes to fill the background of your couples' dinner party, this music site has just what the DJ ordered.

The interface is brilliantly minimalistic. There is no profile to set up, no penalty for skipping songs, and you can fast forward or rewind at will. The user simply chooses the appropriate ratio of Rage to Chill on a gradient scale and the carefully hand-picked database provides the exact type of stream to suit the mood.

The site provides its audience with an unapologetic musical experience. RageChill doesn’t mind playing to an empty room. It won’t allow you arbitrarily banish music like gladiators at the Colosseum and it’s not interested in what your friends are listening to. The revolution will be televised. It will also be posted, pinned, shared, liked, and retweeted, and this site will not only provide the soundtrack to all that, it will do it completely COMMERCIAL FREE.

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About the Author
Victoria Hoey is a recent graduate with degrees in copywriting and advertising.
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