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Rushmore...Not The Mountain!
By: Devon Travern
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It’s no secret that most of us enjoy a nice tune. No matter the genre, music is a universal language that we all understand. Whether it’s your favorite local band or an international opera singer, the concept is the same. Music is a way for artists to connect to listeners through powerful lyrics and soothing melodies. Without music, the world would be one quiet, boring place. The question nowadays is how can an artist become more connected with their audience?

Let's face it; there is only so intimate a connection one can have from 100 feet away while their favorite singer performs on stage. That connection falters even more when fans are forced to appreciate the music through their mobile devices with few opportunities to see a live performance.

Needless to say, in the age of social media one thing is for absolutely certain. There is probably an app to fix any problem regarding establishing a stronger community or connection between people. In this case, that app is called Rushmore, a London-based music community co-founded by Fictive Kin and Betaworks. Originally it was launched in an effort to fill an empty void in the music industry. Plain and simple, Rushmore came into existence to connect fans with artists in one platform.  Yesterday the company announced a Rushmore merger with Zuzeen, which is a service that enables musicians to broadcast their live video performances to their fans. Rushmore also let users in on the fact that they’ve secured funding through Betaworks and Kibo Ventures for the sum of $1.2 million.

The folks over at Rushmore obviously have their eyes set on mass improvement. With this new merger, the app will enable artists using this platform to fully interact with their profile. This means that they can control when they choose to broadcast anything live to their fans. This is an excellent development. Now your favorite artist can live broadcast from anywhere at any moment. Beyoncé might be in the studio and decide, “Hey, I bet my fans would enjoy this session!” and just like that, there you are, watching your favorite artist perfect her craft (as if she could be any more perfect). This is particularly exciting because Rushmore is blurring the line between celebrities and everyday people like you and I.

Often we get so caught up in being fans that we forget that these artists are just like us. This just happens to be their job. They must sit down, create, and record their songs. They must rehearse for these incredible live performances. As a result of Rushmore taking a step in the right direction, users have the potential to see that side of the work ethic and end up appreciating the true artistry behind their favorite songs or albums.

Music is easy to appreciate when the chorus is catchy and the instrumental makes you want to hop out of your seat and hit the dance floor. However, that appreciation hits another level once you bear witness to what it takes to create those entrancing melodies. 

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About the Author
Devon Travern is a student of all that surrounds him. He believes in the world's need for innovation and forward thinking. With a BA in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensbroro, his passion lies in social media and branding. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of LiveInspired Magazine, Devon is focused on sharing the stories of up-and-comers set to revolutionize the way we live. As a freelance social media strategist and branding consultant, he has also played a role in helping to build and establish the brands of companies such as KadoNYC, Gallium Digital Agency, and No Hassle Co. A cultural connoisseur and a visionary, Devon seeks to help others realize their potential while reaching his at the same time
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