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Spreed This Article
By: Victoria Hoey
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Emarketer reported that last year Americans spent an average of 23 hours per week online. All the information you could ever want, and most of the garbage you would rather not know, is being projected into our brains as fast as our fiberoptic cables can carry it. With the job market still struggling and corporate competition on the rise, the difference between getting promoted or getting passed over depends on quickly you can learn.

There is a staggering correlation between the speed with which people read and the amount of success they are able to attain in business, according to Forbes Magazine. The average person reads around 300wpm on paper, the same relative speed at which we all speak. Reading online, however, is up to 25% slower. That means that the average American reads roughly 240wpm online. How did “high-level executives” perform when given the same test? They read 240% faster (between 550–575wpm)!

As a statement of fact these results are logical. If there is a deadline to be met and hundreds of pages of research and references to go through, the person who is the fastest and most efficient will always be seen as the “better employee” and therefore advance quicker in their field. Eventually working up to executive. Our American workforce needs to be fast in order to stay globally competitive. So, how can the rest of us, with our measly 240wpm, stay in the game?

The good news is, as science attains a greater understanding of how the eyes work, it elicits a greater understanding of how the brain works. The better news is...there is an app for that.

Spreeder.com is a FREE service provided by eReflect (the makers of 7 Speed Reading) that is based on sound scientific principles and held together by one brilliant idea. The interface is simple. Copy any text, paste it in the box, set your preferred speed, and the program does the rest. It’s like that Bob Dylan video where he holds up cue cards. Every word of pasted text is lined up one after another and flipped forward.

Spreeder works by eliminating the time it would normally take your eye to travel across a page and down to the next line. Another benefit to this type of reading is increased comprehension. By eliminating subvocalization, the voice in your head that reads words, you free up extra processing power for better comprehension.

Try Spreeding this article at 240wpm, then again at 575. You will be amazed.

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About the Author
Victoria Hoey is a recent graduate with degrees in copywriting and advertising.
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