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Pizza Wars
By: Len Kornblau
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It’s bad enough the pizzas don't look as good coming out of the box as they do going in, at least on the TV spots.
Now we have stale concepts before we get to those tempting beauty shots. The most recent Papa John's spots have Peyton and Papa heading to the location of the original Papa John’s. No tour, just the building in the background. At least Peyton isn’t throwing the dough in this one. Still pretty lame. Doesn't make me want to eat their pizza.
Interestingly, Domino's has put Patrick “Our pizza was bad” Doyle on the shelf for now. Great idea. Who was the genius that thought it was smart to tell customers and non-customers your product used to be bad? There were probably more “I told you sos” than new customers from that gaffe.
Meantime, Pizza Hut gives us more new ways to try their ho-hum product. They should stick to coupons and save broadcast for the next “big” thing!
And then there’s Little Caesars, with new products but not the old two-for-one deals that made them famous. And where are they? Most seem to have disappeared. Maybe they should focus the ad message on finding one within the same state.
But at the end of the day, when I have seen enough pizza ads for the Big Four, I just call the local mom-and-pop place for some great pizzas with tasty sauce, fresh mozzarella, and toppings! And they don’t advertise on TV!


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Len Kornblau (@ProfessorAdwiz on Twitter) is an advertising and marketing pro who has taught at universities and excelled at field marketing and account service.
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