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Refresh Yourself!
By: Devon Travern
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We’ve all had the same old scenario: a big job interview or an important meeting lined up. As you prepare for your interview, you scan the company website obsessively, looking over all of the important information so that when interview time comes, they know you did your homework. After that, you find out who is interviewing you. Again, you visit the company website looking for all of the information you can find regarding the person who will make or break your job opportunity. These are all pretty normal steps, but the only problem is that it always ends up being entirely too much information to remember.

That entire scenario can be a stressful one, but lucky for us, it’s the era of social media and there is finally an app that can assist you in regard to interview preparation. It’s called Refresh, a name that is obviously fitting for the service this app provides. With Refresh, you never have to worry about staying on your toes as far has remembering key information about the people you are meeting with. The process is rather simple. After downloading the app, you simply sign in using your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Once this is done, Refresh gathers all of the information about every person you follow, friend, or connect with via your social media profiles. Additionally, it pulls information on companies and brands as well whether you are connected with them or not.

After you’ve got your profile set up, it’s time to refresh yourself. Type in the name of the person or business you wish to gather information about. The results will have you pleasantly surprised. You’ll immediately get "The 411," consisting of educational background and most recent work history. Beyond that, you’ll be able to view “The Name Game” category. This is a list of the mutual connections you have with the person you’ve chosen to research. Lastly and most importantly, you’ll receive access to their social profiles. The ability to gain access to any person's LinkedIn profile is the most convenient asset to any professional.

An app like this almost seems to good to be true, and the best part is that it is absolutely FREE. If you are the interviewee, use Refresh to pull up more intimate information about the candidates vying for the opportunity you are offering. If you are an interviewee, use Refresh to wow your interviewers. Even if you are just casually looking for information on a person or brand, use Refresh to brush up on whatever information you can find. One thing we all need more of is a social media app that keeps us connected with one another in a positive manner.

Refresh is not full of status updates and useless information one has to sift through to find quality information. It literally gets rid of all of that and presents users with a layout of useful and quality information that can end up landing them a great job or aid in giving that vital good first impression. Now is the time you’ve been waiting for. Head to your app market and Refresh yourself!

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About the Author
Devon Travern is a student of all that surrounds him. He believes in the world's need for innovation and forward thinking. With a BA in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensbroro, his passion lies in social media and branding. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of LiveInspired Magazine, Devon is focused on sharing the stories of up-and-comers set to revolutionize the way we live. As a freelance social media strategist and branding consultant, he has also played a role in helping to build and establish the brands of companies such as KadoNYC, Gallium Digital Agency, and No Hassle Co. A cultural connoisseur and a visionary, Devon seeks to help others realize their potential while reaching his at the same time
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