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Statigram Looks Back
By: Devon Travern
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What if you could turn your most popular photos into a slideshow to recap your best moments from 2013? Being able to revisit some of the most memorable moments you caught on camera is an awesome way to head into the New Year. Luckily, there’s a tool available to do just that for you. It’s called Statigram; a service everyone is not quite familiar with yet, but in time will be a fun additive to your Instagram experience.

Here’s how it works! First and foremost, you’ll need an Instagram account. Assuming that you haven’t been living under a rock for the past two years, it’s a safe bet that you have an account already. Aside from that, all you will need to do is search “Statigram” on your mobile device or computer. From there, you must connect the absolutely free tool to your Instagram account. After that, Statigram takes the five most popular photos and turns them into a short film clip. Statigram will only take five photos from your profile, and the popularity of them is solely judged by the number of likes each photo has accrued over the year of 2013.

Once you have connected Statigram to your Instagram account, the site will email you, notifying you that it make take days for the email containing your video to be delivered. They will go on to explain that the wait time is due to the popularity of the tool. Some users indeed have to wait for a few days to get their video. Others receive theirs within the same day. Not sure if you will want to take the time to use the Statigram tool? No problem at all! Naturally, you may want to see an example of what you’ll be getting. If this sounds like you, then shoot on over to your Instagram to find examples.

Search the hashtag #memostatigram, which will turn up over 59,000 results to date. From there, you will be able to see examples of the Statigram product; short slideshows with pleasant music in the background as you are taken on a tour of strangers' highlights of 2013. If you find yourself intrigued, then by all means utilize the tool! This is yet another example of Instagram making its user experience a little more interactive. Enjoy!

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About the Author
Devon Travern is a student of all that surrounds him. He believes in the world's need for innovation and forward thinking. With a BA in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensbroro, his passion lies in social media and branding. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of LiveInspired Magazine, Devon is focused on sharing the stories of up-and-comers set to revolutionize the way we live. As a freelance social media strategist and branding consultant, he has also played a role in helping to build and establish the brands of companies such as KadoNYC, Gallium Digital Agency, and No Hassle Co. A cultural connoisseur and a visionary, Devon seeks to help others realize their potential while reaching his at the same time
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