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Photo Sharing With Rando
By: Devon Travern
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Photo and video sharing apps have been incredibly popular in 2013. Instagram and Vine move to the forefront, uniting users worldwide with images and short videos full of humor, inspiration, and everything in between. The only issue for some users has been the oversaturation of ads, comments, and like buttons. It tends to distract from the purpose of the application, which is simply to share different forms of imagery.

However, there is a new and totally free photo-sharing app out on the market for those users who prefer a little more simplicity in their social media experience. Rando is a new app that allows you to anonymously exchange photos with other users anywhere in the world. The process is rather simple. After downloading and registering with Rando through the routine email and password setup, you are ready to go. Don’t worry about finding some awesome scenery or tampering with the filter in order for your photo to look cool. That takes the fun away; just find something random and start snapping that iPhone's camera.

Once you’ve finished taking your picture the fun begins. That photo is randomly sent somewhere in the world. You don’t get to follow anyone. You don’t get to send any messages. Most importantly, you don’t get to select where your photo goes. In a matter of minutes, the user will receive a photo in return from another random place around the globe. On my first try, I sent a picture of an iPad and received a photo from Lithuania of a book bag. It wasn’t particularly amazing, but it was still a cool concept.

In terms of world communication through social media, Rando gives you an awesome perspective. You realize that the world is so huge but so small. We all use the same appliances. We all work. We all like to go shopping. In short, we are all united by some of the same interests or activities no matter the geographic location. Rando allows you to see that without the extra fluff of comments and like buttons. There are no distractions. It’s all about the picture. You find yourself examining the background of the photo you receive. You learn a little bit about each user when you receive a new photo. Rando unites us worldwide by amplifying simplicity.

From a marketing standpoint, businesses can stand to gain from using Rando in the right way. One can send a logo, website link, or sweepstakes information to numerous people around the world. Rando provides another just one more avenue for marketing, branding, and personal use. If you haven’t yet visited your App Store and downloaded Rando, check it out. It’s great for casual enjoyment, and the hidden photographer in you. 

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About the Author
Devon Travern is a student of all that surrounds him. He believes in the world's need for innovation and forward thinking. With a BA in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensbroro, his passion lies in social media and branding. As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of LiveInspired Magazine, Devon is focused on sharing the stories of up-and-comers set to revolutionize the way we live. As a freelance social media strategist and branding consultant, he has also played a role in helping to build and establish the brands of companies such as KadoNYC, Gallium Digital Agency, and No Hassle Co. A cultural connoisseur and a visionary, Devon seeks to help others realize their potential while reaching his at the same time
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