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Sometimes the Best Marketing Comes in a Yellow Book
By: Emory Brown
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Leo Burnett once said that “the best ideas are deceptively simple.” And in a world of integrated marketing that allows us to engage with consumers at various touch points, it is easy to think that we’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to marketing business.
Yet some things are tried and true and will always be a part of helping businesses grow in America. The people who once told us to “let our fingers do the walking” are still an invaluable source of marketing for small and mid-size businesses alike.

As a creative person I think over the years I have come to appreciate smart marketing over cool executions. The Yellow Pages is one of the best marketing tools one can use as a local business. It comes in a printed form and an online version, and it has a generational nostalgia that ensures trust. If you want to know about restaurants in Chicago, you can just hit up YP.com, see an array of restaurants, and choose the type of food you like by simply clicking the appropriate link. It’s not like Google, where if a business is not in its top ten search you have to dig through pages upon pages of results to find what you're looking for, and if you change your mind from Chinese to Cajun you must type in your new search criteria. Yp.com gives you a breakdown of what’s good through the United States and abroad, and you can simply select the city of interest. Presto! You have a wealth of local business information before your eyes. The Yellow Pages has 3,000 local media consultants who are dedicated to helping over 600,000 small business owners succeed. Their new rebranded website is one of the top 40 domains in the U.S. and received over 180 million hits in February of 2013. I wish I owed a flower shop…I bet Valentine’s Day was a hit for local florists who advertised with the Yellow Pages.

More importantly, the Yellow Pages’ team is also educating their clients with webinars on topics like “Practical Marketing,” “Mobile Advertising,” and much more. Their marketing tool kit consists of Local Search Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Yellow Pages Advertising. Through these channels the Yellow Pages is helping transform customer bases and profits for small businesses around the country. The Yellow Pages will always be a force to be reckoned with in the local advertising scene for generations to come, because when it comes to small businesses, the Yellow Pages is one of the best books one could have in their media mix. 


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About the Author
Emory Brown is an award-winning creative director/writer whose mission is to spread the gospel of what great marketers can do when they put their heads together and work together for the greater good and not the bottom line. Working with many esteemed clients, his portfolio of work ranges in genre from conservative to ultra-modern including American Family Insurance, United Airlines, Mazda 6 and RX-8, Illinois Lottery, Tyson, Miller Genuine Draft, Nike Air Force 1, and Mercedes Benz, to name a few.  
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