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JPMorgan's Twitter Fail
By: Jessica Cherok
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JPMorgan has learned a hard lesson last week with its #AskJPM hashtag. Like many a well-intended Twitter campaign before it, the company found itself the recipient of hate-filled responses to its #TwitterTakeover.

The takeover, meant to be a Q&A with with one of JPMorgan’s senior executives, focused on career advice for students. However, it was promptly cancelled as the negative tweets rolled in. In an email about the snafu, a JPMorgan spokesperson stated “#Badidea! Back to the drawing board!”

JPMorgan certainly isn’t the first to experience this kind of hashtag backlash.

In 2012, McDonald’s #McDStories led to some hilarious, but mostly cringe-worthy, responses.

More recently, Burger King tried promoting its new french fry with #WTFF (“What the French Fry”), but apparently forgot to check to see if #WTFF was already being used. It was, as “What The F*cking F*ck.” Blackberry was another company that didn’t check into alternative meanings, and launched #RIMjobs. Clearly they meant to promote the company’s available job openings, but ended up associating with a NSFW sex act.

While many hashtag fails can be hilarious for the Twittersphere, they can be incredibly damaging to the company. Obviously, JPMorgan didn’t realize public sentiment toward the bank is still very negative. Which, of course, was the problem in the first place, right?

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Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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