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Twitter Announces Custom Timelines
By: Jessica Cherok
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Forget weeding through the Twitter feed. Now, with the help of TweetDeck, you are now able to make custom timelines related to events. Users create their own timelines and add related tweets, either by choosing them personally or by using the API.

Timelines are probably best described as being similar to their own Twitter profiles. Kind of.

The timelines are public and display on an individual twitter.com page. Other Twitter users are able to view and follow the timeline. You can compile your favorite tweets about an event, TV, news story, etc. Followers then receive real-time information about the timelines’s topic.

This new feature has big implications for businesses whose promotion is done around specific events. Not to mention, timelines will take second-screen TV show viewing to the next level.

Or if you want to share the best photos from your vacation, create a timeline so people don’t have to wade through a bunch of other media to locate what they’re interested in finding.

For more information about Twitter’s new custom timeline feature, as well as examples of timelines already created and information on the API, check out the official blog post from Twitter.

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Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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