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Your Digital Content's Future
By: Christine Geraci
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First, they tell you that you should be using social media. Then they tell you your business needs to be creating its own content to share via said social media. And now, even that sentiment is changing.
One can see how a business might find the digital landscape confusing, and even downright frustrating.
Let us simplify it for you.
When it comes to your digital content, all that matters is how well it serves your audience. 
You could spend big bucks on a heavily produced magnum opus of a video that tells your company's story. Or you could make a funny Vine using plastic cutlery and a hot dog. You might employ a whole staff of content creators, curators, and analyzers. Or you might depend on the social-savvy gal in accounting who's also the only one on staff to regularly use a tablet. 
When it comes to creating content that resonates, you do what it takes. And it takes all kinds. 
Which is why the latest direction digital content will take makes so much sense.
As Internet marketer Jay Baer very aptly points out, creating original content is still key, but it's HOW you create that content that will change. 
Buying decisions will only continue to be more heavily influenced by a person's network of trusted individuals, not a spiffy commercial or branded billboard. The manner in which people search for information continues to rapidly evolve, as traditional keyword search gives way to semantic/verbal search (an example of this major shift lies within Google's Hummingbird algorithm update). Further, the manner in which people consume content continues to shift to the mobile side of the aisle. 
Therefore, the future lies in a collaborative effort between employees and customers to create a topically diverse arsenal of highly-relevant, quick-hit content.
I totally agree with Jay on this one. But here's where I'm going to add my two cents.
Any content — even content created by employees, customers, and everyday smartphones — needs at least one person at the helm. 
If you're utilizing customers and employees as content creators, you STILL need at least one person to help polish that content. You need a clearinghouse, a filter, who at the very least can make sure the punctuation is in the right place and all the words are spelled correctly. 
Ideally, you need a person or team of people who can orchestrate and execute a content strategy that makes sure the essence of your company is subtly layered within all of those unique voices and perspectives. 
That person might be you. Or, it could be a person you haven't hired yet because you need to create the position. It could be a team of people already busy doing something else in your organization who just need you to switch their priorities.
Whatever you need to do to give your audience relevant content that speaks to them, get it done. Because, as you know, the digital landscape is unforgiving. 

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About the Author
Christine Geraci is the Social Media/Promotions Specialist at MVP Health Care in Schenectady, NY. Connect with her on Twitter @christinegeraci.
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