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Virgin America Debuts New Demo
By: Lakai Newman
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Though the airline industry has proven to be an unpredictable one, there is always one constant that occurs during every single flight: the safety information demonstration. Usually in the form of a video, this FAA-mandated information details the plane's features and what to do in the event of an emergency. For most travelers, it has become a monotonous routine that is usually tuned out with a neighboring conversation or hidden smartphone in your lap.

For a long period of time, airlines have been trying to relay this information as effectively as possible to keep all travelers' interest and attention. Their creative efforts have introduced us to Delta’s “Deltalina,” Cebu Pacific’s twist on pop star Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance," and even Air New Zealand’s recent remake featuring actress Betty White. Upping the ante, Virgin America has gone a step further to literally jazz up their safety demonstration; admittedly, it was hard to peel my eyes from. 

Approximately five minutes in length, Virgin will debut a new safety demonstration this Friday set entirely to song and dance. The safety demo was directed by filmmaker Jon Chu, famously known for directing the 2013 remake of G.I. Joe, and features music and lyrics by Todrick Hall, former American Idol contestant. The video not only fulfills all safety information requirements, but it appeals to a variety of musical and dance interests. Virgin America officials hope this new video will get those distracted and uninterested passengers to pay attention to potentially life-saving information.

Watch Here


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