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What is The Best Time to Post on Social Media?
By: ML Haynes
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According to web marketing firm Fannit.com, in addition to a number of other online resources, there are a number of “best times” depending on the network. And while we’d all like to have a fail-proof guide, there’s really only one way to guarantee that you’re optimizing your social media plan and process — know your audience, know where they are and what they’re doing, listen, listen, listen. Then when you think you’ve got it down join in the conversation. Rinse and repeat.
Take a look at the best and worst of times listed below (based on U.S., and primarily EST, data) and see how your program measures up. Consider making adjustments if you see that you may be missing more rewarding timeframes.
Best: Weekdays, 6 – 8am and 2 – 5pm
Worst: 10pm – 4am
Best: 1 – 3pm, especially on weekends
Worst: 8pm – 8am
Best: 9 – 11am
Worst: 6pm – 7am
Best: 7 – 8:30am, 5 – 6pm
Worst: Monday, Friday and 9am – 5pm
Best: Saturday morning, 2 – 4pm and 8 – 11pm
Worst: 5 – 7pm and 1 – 7am
Best: Monday, Friday, and Saturday, 11am
Worst: 11pm – 8am
Remember that the type of content might also be something in need of a change-up. Are you adding to the conversation? Are you posting images and video worth sharing? Are you offering up something new and exciting, thought-provoking, or perceived as high value? Track the impact of this content — updates, photos, videos and links — coupled with optimal timeframes and you’ll net out with the best time to post as well as the most effective content.

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