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Can’t Martha and Apple Just Get Along?
By: Aprel Phelps Downey
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Martha Stewart took to Twitter last week to express her frustration over having dropped her beloved iPad, cracking the screen in the process. She inquired as to whether Apple would make a house call or if she needed to visit her local Apple store in person. Her tweets continued the next day, letting followers know that apparently Apple was less than thrilled with her airing her iPad distress on a social media forum.
Almost instantly Stewart found that her iPad-focused tweets sparked quite an unintended controversy. Some followers gently suggested she check her bank account balance, where she would find more than sufficient funds to cover the expense of a new iPad. Other followers offered their condolences and suggestions for rectifying the situation. Her staff was not immune to the perceived feud as they quickly believed their boss had become embattled in a dispute with Apple. They scrambled on the public relations front in an attempt to save what they viewed to be a deteriorating relationship between Stewart and the Apple Corporation.
As the controversial week came to a close Stewart made a phone-in appearance on the Today show as a way to set the record straight. She explained that the series of tweets in question was merely a joke. She was fully aware of the fact that Apple does not make house calls nor did she ever expect them to. Given that she owns several Apple products, Stewart assured viewers she was fully aware of the procedure needed to rectify her situation.
After it was all said and done Stewart politely reminded everyone to lighten up and learn how to take a joke. She was simply voicing heartbreak over losing something that was a personal gift from Apple founder Steve Jobs. In her true entrepreneurial nature, Stewart expressed an interest in starting up a same-day Apple repair company.
The "Martha vs. Apple" feud raises a valid question in regards to social media interactions. How many times are Facebook posts or Twitter tweets misinterpreted, starting online feuds within minutes of being posted?
At the heart of these posts are written words on a screen. Those words are incapable of transmitting the true meaning behind a message or showcasing the intended sarcasm of the author. When a joke is made, as was the case with Martha Stewart, there will be those readers who can spot that joke from a mile away and laugh along with the author. Yet there will also be a handful of readers that take the message at face value. As a result that lack of humor turns into a rush to create an online feud.
The social media world will always fall victim to the perpetual grey area created by misinterpretation of words on a screen. A reprieve may be found in the social media community taking the time to read between the lines as opposed to jumping to conclusions with the click of a mouse!

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About the Author
Aprel Phelps Downey is a writing/marketing professional who holds more than seven years marketing experience, including all aspects of promotional and informational campaigns and website development.  To learn more about Aprel please visit her website at www.aprelphelpsdowney.com or follow her on twitter: @aphelpsdowney.
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