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Will Twitter Face the Same Publicly Traded Fate as Facebook?
By: Aprel Phelps Downey
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The grumpy cat does it. Just about every celebrity in Hollywood does it. Even the Pope has been known to do it once in a while. Chances are, you and your business take part in the action also. The task in question is of course the ever-present, fast-growing art of sending 140 characters out onto the Twitter playing field. On any given day, a typical Twitter timeline contains everything from the hottest new product on the market to what One Direction is rumored to have eaten for lunch. When a celebrity suffers from the latest case of "foot-in-mouth" disease, it spreads like wildfire across Twitter.
In the moments after a tragic event, such as the Boston Marathon bombings, Twitter proved invaluable for survivors trying to find their way out and rescue personnel trying to find their way in. It was a source of comfort when the world stopped to remember the tragic events of September 11. It quickly serves as a replacement for traditional media outlets as the place to get real-time news reports.
Twitter will soon be looking to capitalize on its soaring popularity by going public, as in New York Stock Exchange public. Think back a moment to early last year when another social media powerhouse, Facebook, made the exact same move. Long story short, it was a complete disaster. Not to mention the fact that it’s one moment Mark Zuckerberg would like to go back and "unfriend" if he could. Seeing how quickly that entire plan soured may have played a role in Twitter quietly announcing its intention to go public late last week.
Although Twitter is at the height of its social media game in terms of usage and popularity, those factors alone may not merely be enough to propel it into stock market success. Simply stated, Twitter needs to have the financial resources to back its projected popularity on a publicly traded stock market stage. Potential investors are going to want a guarantee that the fast rise to fame and fortune will continue in the coming years. In the stock market world, guarantees come in the form of dollar signs. Right now, Twitter stands to rake in approximately $583 billion dollars in revenue from advertising this year alone.
That dollar amount is certainly significant enough to put a sparkle in the eye of any investor. It will give Twitter representatives a solid foot in the door when November rolls around and the potential shareholder meetings begin. Once Twitter makes the jump into the stock market, the social media world will sit back and wait with anxious breath to see if Twitter will strike it rich or give way to the same tragic demise as its social media neighbor! 

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About the Author
Aprel Phelps Downey is a writing/marketing professional who holds more than seven years marketing experience, including all aspects of promotional and informational campaigns and website development.  To learn more about Aprel please visit her website at www.aprelphelpsdowney.com or follow her on twitter: @aphelpsdowney.
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