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Why You Should Always Reapply
By: Tom Roarty
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We have all read the perfect job description and thought upon hitting the send key. “I have to get a call back for this job!” From the list of software no one may know better than you to the niche client experience you have been a slave to since the technology had been invented, the job has to be yours…or does it? All too often that excitement turns to concern and, finally, to depression as time goes on until you realize that someone else now occupies your perfect job. Unfortunately this is more often the norm that not, but what is even more frustrating is seeing the same job posting pop up a few months later.
With some companies, this seems to be a ritual. Posting the same position every few months, which over time could shatter anyone’s self worth reliving the rejection over and over. As time passes, though, we build a defense by ignoring our qualifications and dismissing those who have dismissed us, accepting that no matter how many times we apply for that perfect position, it is just not meant to be ours — or is it?
What actually happens to our resume when we send it in to an employer? Well, despite what we think, there is not always a great force or genius database just waiting to hit all of our keywords, proving that we are the right candidates for the job. Although there are keyword-tracking programs that do exist, not every employer has them. This means they have to rely on a human resource department to sift through all the resumes to find potential candidates, go through portfolios, set up interviews, and then repeat the process for every other position the company they represent is seeking help for. Oh, and that is besides a countless number of other tasks. Odds are, your perfect resume and portfolio may never even be seen by the hiring manager.
There is no formula to say that by the umpteenth time it will reach the right hands, so what is a job seeker to do? Don’t get discouraged. Yes, I know that is easier said than done, but if a job keeps showing up, either the employer has not found the perfect candidate because they haven’t gotten to your resume yet, or it is not the light at the end of the tunnel position you have been waiting for. It is easy to build up a position in your mind as perfect when you don’t actually have that position.
For this reason always apply when you see that job. Since you don’t have it, you have nothing to lose. If you are annoying someone with your submissions, they will let you know, and at that time at least you have an open dialogue with them, probably not something you had before that point. HR departments know times are tough and don’t usually fault for ambition, unless you reach harassment level. If you want a job that keeps showing up, keep applying for it. Eventually you will get a response, and at that time you can control your destiny. 


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