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Revel in This
By: Len Kornblau
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Things must be really bad for Atlantic City’s Revel Casino. Their latest ads offer 600 FREE cruises for players who visit in the short term. They are actually providing a reward of staying away, and gambling on the ship instead.

Usually, chasing away customers means things are going well. Even too well. Here, it looks like things are really bad; maybe awful. For both parties.
What’s even worse is the Cruise partner, Norwegian Cruise Lines, gets a very quick ID early in the spot and is then forgotten. My experience on NCL suggest that’s a good thing, but that’s another blog!
The retail value of the 600 cruises (around $2,000 each) is about $1.2 MM. But even with a heavy media plan, the blip that NCL gets in the spot provides little exposure and benefit. Maybe that’s a good thing. Meantime, NCL is spending money on marketing but not on their ships' food or service. Hmm.
For a brand that seems to be losing market share to Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess, Carnival, Cunard and maybe even Costa, this decision is like the blind leading the blind. Or in this case, following the blind, because Revel is trying to convince players to come visit, so they can go elsewhere. That is one heck of a Unique Selling Proposition.
Ted Bates must be rolling over in his grave.


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Len Kornblau (@ProfessorAdwiz on Twitter) is an advertising and marketing pro who has taught at universities and excelled at field marketing and account service.
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