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What’s The Deal With Vine?
By: Amanda Markell
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Since its launch as a free iOS app on Jan 24 2013, marketers have been experimenting with the new social media trend, Vine, and how to best connect with customers. The mobile app, owned by Twitter, features short, six-second video loops often in the style of stop-motion animation. So what does this new social app with three million users posting one million videos a day mean for marketers?
Perhaps taking a look at five brands who have succeeded with Vine will give us some insights into where the technology is going:
Oreo uses their six seconds of video time to show fun ways to eat their delicious cookies; for example, as sprinkles over ice cream using a pepper grinder!
Dove supports their "Self Esteem Project" by writing letters during the video with messages of confidence for young women.
General Electric demonstrates their dedication to environmentally friendly products with paper cutouts and cauliflower illustrating the carbon dioxide cycle.
French Connection promotes their summer sale showing clips of different products and bright flowers spelling out "summer sale."
Volkswagen promotes their Beetle convertible by having fun with an outdoor mural about shark week.
Seeing the Vines and comment posts that accompany these short creative videos makes you feel like you are making a connection with the people and personalities behind each brand; it has a humanizing effect. It seems the business goal of marketers currently on Vine is to increase net leads and increase social media reach; direct sales have played a main role so far. This vehicle is another way for brands to engage customers, tell their brand story, promote new products/offers, and more.
But the question is: Have marketers just jumped on the bandwagon of yet another short-lived app? On June 20, not coincidentally on the same day Instagram introduced video sharing, Vine video linking nosed-dived from 2.5 million links shared to 1.5 million shared. This is a 70% drop in five days!
Video is the future of mobile marketing; according to an infographic from CareWorks, mobile video will represent 66% of global mobile data traffic by 2017. But will that traffic be through Vine or will the space be quickly saturated with thousands of more popular video-sharing apps? Will Vine soon be replaced by the likes of top-ranked apps such as Viddy, Keek, Klip, Mobli, Giftboom, or Socialcam?
Have you seen any Vines you think are share-worthy lately? Let us know @digitalpivot.

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About the Author
Amanda Markell is a marketer in the Greater Boston Area with a passion for branding, new media, and customer insights. 
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