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New Facebook Feature for Job Seekers
By: Jessica Cherok
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Need a job? Now Facebook may be able to help you find one.

The social media site added a “professional skills” category to users’ profiles. In addition to Work and Education, users can now add their skill sets under the About Me section of their Facebook profile.

While the addition may be helpful to some job seekers, it also seems a bit strange. For one, LinkedIn certainly has a command of the social profile for professionals. Employers perusing Facebook for potential applicants may catch on, but for now LinkedIn’s reign remains. Secondly, not everyone’s Facebook page is something they want potential employers to see. More often than not, we hear about someone being fired, or passed over, related to the content of their Facebook page.

However, the move seems to be in line with Facebook’s aggressive quest to become omnipotent on the Internet. The company has said for years it would like to be the central place users come to online for all kinds of information. The new addition of professional skills will certainly attract hiring managers looking for potential candidates.

By including professional skills in your profile, you will be searchable by similarly skilled professionals amongst your friends. Your information will also become part of Facebook’s Social Graph, which allows companies who are hiring to find you more easily. How much information they are able to see about you will depend on your individual privacy settings.

Facebook has made no official announcement about the change, but may in the near future.

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Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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