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Live Your Brand Life Like A Song
By: Jennifer Graber
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Summer is slowly giving way to fall. Tourists are reluctantly journeying home. School bells have begun to ring. Though our summer lifestyle appears to be fading, we can’t seem to shake the concept of living like a song. And no one does it better than the man himself, Jimmy Buffett. The escapist lifestyle extraordinaire has taught many people how to live like a song. Parrot Heads aren’t the only ones, however, who could benefit from the "unique" wisdom of Buffett. Brands and marketing professionals could also learn from his lively songs — if they just take the time to listen.
Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude
“Oh, yesterdays are over my shoulder,
So I can’t look back for too long.
There’s just too much to see waiting in front of me.”
The past is full of mistakes and success. Perhaps a failed digital media plan is there, or maybe an ill-conceived PR tactic hangs over our heads. Consumers and coworkers aren’t always forgiving either. On the flip side, we can look to our successes as markers of achievement and continue those strategies forevermore, never to change. But the wise one points out we can’t live in the past. Forget mistakes and move on. What has worked before may not work again. As a brand or professional you should move forward, not backward. Brands and professionals that last are the ones who willingly go towards the future with a renewed penchant for revolutionary ideas.
Coconut Telegraph
“You can hear it on the coconut telegraph
By now everybody knows.”
It’s no secret that news spreads like wildfire. With the proliferation of digital media it’s now the norm for something to go viral. As Buffett says, if something happens then everyone will know and certainly talk about it. This is particularly true for an unfortunate incident or customer experience. Though it’s unwise to dwell on mistakes, brands can’t choose to ignore them. Brands are expected to respond. This doesn’t mean the response has to be elaborate — it just has to happen. Otherwise you can lead consumers to think you don’t care.
Everybody’s on the Phone
“Talkin’ Squawkin’ Hawkin’
Who know if anybody’s getting through?”
Consumers are bombarded every day with millions of messages. Some of the messages are complex and confusing. With a busy arena it’s a constant fight for brands to break through. Buffett points out, and brands should note, that we are so connected and overwhelmed with information that we forget simplicity works, too. Sometimes the simplest of messages speak the loudest and create the best consumer connections. Brands should consider being different by returning to a simpler way of doing things. Complexity is not always the best branding approach.
When the Coast is Clear
“Same place every year
I come down and talk to me
When the coast is clear.”
Lastly, one of the most important messages that Buffett portrays is staying true to yourself. As a brand, and marketing professional, it’s important to not forget what your core values are — why you do what you do. That’s the reason consumers sought you out. Therefore, it’s important to reconnect to your brand’s true identity every once in a while. It can refresh your brand’s creative and business spirits.
Who would have thought that Buffett’s colorful songs could help someone do more than just find that lost shaker of salt? Brands and marketing professionals alike stand to benefit from the tales Buffett spins. They should embrace the free-spirited lifestyle sometime and live their professional life like a song. Fins up!


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About the Author
Jennifer Graber is a Business Development Manager and marketing enthusiast. Her specific interests include branding, consumer behavior, development, integrated marketing communications, and new & social media.
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