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All That Glitters is Gold
By: Greg Dorn
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By now it’s old news, yet it remains speculation — the new iPhone(s) will be released on September 10; at least that is what the “sources” say. But after all, we are talking about Apple, and anything is possible. Rumors have been circulating that for the first time, those lucky enough to receive invitations were instructed to keep mum. But for the sake of conversation, let’s assume what everyone else has already done: assumed.
Another tidbit that many have reached a consensus on is the introduction of a third iPhone color: gold (or in Apple’s words, champagne). Even before the debut of the iPhone, sleek and solid colors such as white, black, and silver served as the company’s signature look. So why, after all these years, would Apple depart from this consistent line of products? One word: exclusivity.
People buy Apple products for two reasons: ease of use and the statement it brings. I don’t care how innovative an Android handset can be; owning an iPhone screams class and sophistication. But for the past two autumns, the “S” series of Apple’s smartphone have donned the same hardware as their predecessors. How, then, can a person inform the world that they hold the latest and greatest, as opposed to that “old” piece of junk? Again, the answer is gold.
I can’t think of any other rational reason why Apple would decide to introduce a new color other than to please the egotistical fan boy (or girl). To say the iPhone is a hit would be the understatement of the century. It now accounts for roughly half of Apple’s revenue. So why mess with a good thing?
Will the gold iPhone be a hit? Only time will tell (apparently it’s a popular color in China, which could also be another incentive to debut the color). But if I know Apple fanatics, many will pine for a way to say, “Hey, I have the iPhone 5S, not the iPhone 5.”
If you’re planning to upgrade to the new iPhone, will you opt for the gold if it’s indeed a choice? Let us know in the comments below. 

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About the Author
Greg Dorn is a blogger, writer, and obsessed with everything technology and social media. Greg is absolutely captivated with the recent advancements in mobile gadgets, making our world more seamlessly connected. You can learn more about him on his own blog here
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