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Score One for Social Media at the VMAs!
By: Aprel Phelps Downey
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MTV grabbed the world’s attention Sunday night to celebrate something rarely shown on its network: music videos. The awards show created a flurry of activity across social media outlets that let fans at home and celebrities in the crowd get involved in the action. Fans and audience members were tasked with selecting the ultimate summer song by casting a vote on Vine, Instagram, and Twitter. Up for the award of the best summer song were six nominees, each given individual hashtags that their respective fan bases could utilize to cast a vote.
And vote they did! Selections included "Come and Get It" #Voteselena and "Get Lucky" #VoteDaftPunk. In the end it would be the ever-popular boy band One Direction that would take home the coveted man-on-the-moon statue for their song "Best Song Ever." Social media fans were thrilled. Members of the audience shouted out "Boos" on the band as they accepted the award.
Tumblr took center stage in the social media VMA action with its interactive page courtesy of MTV. Here fans and celebrities had instant access to honorable mentions of VMA moments that were impressive, yet not as shocking as twerking across the stage while wearing underwear. Have no fear; those mega-hit moments were still made available in GIF form as well. Visitors to the Tumblr page could create and share GIFs of interest across their own social media channels. Categories of impromptu moments were added throughout the night as the show went on.
Social Radar, a specially created MTV website, served as grand central station for social media activity during the show. It was the go-to spot for fans and celebrities to find out minute-to-minute updates of VMA information being shared across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr in one convenient place. Customized search options made it possible for website users to select specific celebrities, performers, or VMA hashtags to keep track of all the latest and greatest information. Consider it the virtual popular kids' table from high school. It was definitely the place to be for anyone who was anyone on VMA night.
Not to be outdone, Twitter was a frenzy of activity as proven by the high-ranking number of tweets per minute featuring the hashtag #VMAs. A performance by Justin Timberlake, featuring a mini 'N Sync boy band reunion, generated 219,900 tweets per minute, while Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech reached 189,300 tweets per minute. These tweets per minute were quite impressive considering the entire 2012 VMA show registered only 98,300 tweets per minute. It goes without saying that the performance of the night by Miley Cyrus rocked the top of the charts with 306,100 tweets per minute. That’s approximately 4.5 million mentions before she left the stage.
Whether it’s a jaw-dropping performance or celebrity exes crossing paths on the red carpet, social media will always be there capturing the moments as the belle of the ball! 

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