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Protecting Kids from Information Collection
By: Jessica Cherok
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There is a lot of concern about how we’re being tracked online, and how much of our personal information is being collected. And while it’s concerning enough when we’re talking about tracking adults' activities, it becomes doubly so when the information being collected belongs to kids.

Recently, Disconnect, a privacy and security software company out of California, debuted its new app, called Disconnect Kids. The app is “the first and only app of its kind that stops data about your browsing and app activity from ever leaving your iPhone or iPad.”

Disconnect Kids is aimed at protecting children from unwanted tracking by actively blocking requests for their personal data. It also allows you to block and unblock the 20 most prevalent companies that track browsing and app activity. While websites and apps that are specifically geared toward kids are good about not tracking children, others that fall into “all ages” category are not.

In addition to keeping children’s information safe, the app helps teach kids (and their parents) about online tracking.

Currently, Disconnect is only available for the iPhone and iPad. Because the company is a Certified B Corp, you know that they are incredibly committed to the cause of privacy online. Even better — you pick what you pay. Your payment is more like a contribution, meaning you pay the amount you feel the product is worth to you.

For more information about Disconnect Kids, and the Disconnect mission, check out their website.

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About the Author
Jessica Cherok is an advocate for online privacy, campaigning for ethical data practices and the protection of personal privacy.
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