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Seinnheisser Captivates Target Market at Newport Folk Festival
By: Amanda Markell
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Curious festivalgoers walked into the Paste Ruins Sound Lounge, finding themselves insides a chamber of the 19th century, historical Fort Adams. Within the granite walls music lovers followed suit and selected a set of Sennheiser headphones off the wall. Flat screens around them displayed musicians tuning and preparing their instruments. A crowd gathered at the doorway that looks through to the fort chamber on the other side of the wall. Through the Sennheiser headphones, fans listened intimately to their favorite folk bands joke with one another, tune their instruments, and perform beautiful songs. 
Sennheiser’s target market experienced their product, many maybe for the first time, and were immersed in the experience anywhere from 5–30 minutes. Five to thirty minutes! Marketers dream about gaining the audience’s attention on an ad for just seconds in today’s attention-deficit advertising world. This genius integrated event marketing truly provided an experience, leaving the mark of the brand behind.
This the second year Seinheisser Electronic Corpororation has partnered with Paste Magazine at the Newport Folk Festival to create Paste Ruins live recording studio. This year 29 sessions were recorded, including artists The Last Bison, Of Monsters and Men, Dawes, Tom Morello, and many more.
Check out one of the live sessions recorded posted by Paste Magazine here.
"It is not difficult to draw parallels between Sennheiser and The Newport Folk Festival®," commented Stefanie Reichert, strategic marketing communication, Sennheiser. "These are two brands that have been around for decades, yet both remain at the top of their games and find themselves at the pinnacle of reinvention. Sennheiser has stayed true to its rich heritage in audio technology without becoming distracted by short-term fashion trends, while Newport continues to reinvent itself for legions of incoming generations of music fans."
At Stephanie points out, the Seinnhesser marketing team hit on a fruitful partnership and truly targeted audience at the Newport Folk Festival and no doubt converted prospects into customers. Which makes a marketer think of other sucessful recent event marketing, such as:
1. Mello Yello’s relaunch with the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) sponsorship. The campaign included traditional channels but focused its budget on sample distribution at the races. Representatives handed out cans at drag races.  From New Hampshire to Florida to California, hot and sweaty race attendees were reintroduced to the refreshing cool taste of Mello Yellow.
2. Garnier Fructis’ Bonaroo Salon. The salon convinced over three thousand tent-inhabiting festivalgoers at Bonaroo to "step inside and rock your style," testing product samples, singing karaoke, cooling down in air conditioning, and most importantly taking in the brand.
This experiential marketing leaves the impression of the brand at a deeper level than traditional advertising, and it is no surprise that this type of event marketing becomes more and more frequent.  
Have you observed any innovative and fun event marketing lately like the Seinnheiser’s Paste Ruins? Share it with us on twitter @beneaththebrand


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Amanda Markell is a marketer in the Greater Boston Area with a passion for branding, new media, and customer insights. 
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