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iPad Owners: When Should You Upgrade?
By: Greg Dorn
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Back in 2010, Steve Jobs took the stage to once again change our lives. In his signature, grandiose style, he unveiled the iPad for everyone to see. Tablets had surfaced in the past, but no company seemed to get it right. Why, after all, would we need some kind of hybrid between a smartphone and a laptop? However, much like he did with the iPod and iPhone, Jobs charismatically convinced the world they needed something that didn’t even exist. A novelty item soon became the norm for mobile computing, and Apple single-handedly created yet another thriving marketplace.
I must admit, I was reluctant to embrace the allure of the tablet nearly three summers ago. At the time, I had the latest generation of iPhone as well as a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Without much research into the iPad’s capabilities, I didn’t see much use for what I initially perceived to be an “oversized iPhone without the phone” (or simply a larger iPod Touch). Fast forward a couple years and my roommate, who did not sport a smartphone, decided to purchase an iPad 2 (he also did not own a well-functioning computer for personal use). I instantly became jealous, as the mobility and functionality of this device reeled me in like a fish on a hook. Two weeks later, I bought the iPad 2 — an item I swore I would never have a use for.
I now found myself at a crossroads. While I love my iPad 2, the cluster of advances has enticed me to upgrade. And with the introduction of the iPad Mini, pulling the “update trigger” became even more difficult.
Allow me to elaborate.
Like many tech enthusiasts, I find the form factor and engineering of the iPad Mini simply fascinating. What a beautiful product — an iPad in every sense of the word, yet impossibly thin and conveniently small. I now have a decision to make: when Apple inevitably announces the second-generation iPad Mini and fifth-generation iPad this fall, will I upgrade, and if so, to which one?

The heart of the dilemma belongs to the yet-to-be-known specs of the Mini 2 and the hardware of its bigger brother. If the Mini simply has a spec update with no retina display, I suggest waiting for the spring (or maybe even fall 2014) to trade in your iPad for the little guy. However, if the iPad 5 has a drastic change in form-factor (i.e. as thin as the first iPad Mini), that might keep me from going Mini.
While this is my own personal situation, it clearly paints a picture of the tremendous anticipation of the September/October announcements.
Will you be upgrading this fall? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.

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About the Author
Greg Dorn is a blogger, writer, and obsessed with everything technology and social media. Greg is absolutely captivated with the recent advancements in mobile gadgets, making our world more seamlessly connected. You can learn more about him on his own blog here
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