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'Departure Roulette': WWYD?
By: Lakai Newman
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Setting up shop in New York’s JFK International Airport last week, Heineken premiered a daring game for the boldly adventurous traveler. “Departure Roulette” is a rather simple game, but bears extreme consequences. The traveler who accepts the challenge steps up to the game-show-esque board and presses a red button. Once pressed, the board generates a foreign (more exotic) destination, and the traveler must then forego their original travel itinerary and take off. Those travelers willing to accept the challenge don't eave empty-handed, though. Heineken allots lodging for two nights and a stipend of $2,000 to cover other expenses. 

The mission behind this marketing stunt is to help promote Heineken’s “Dropped” campaign — a new web series featuring the trials and triumphs of four men who are “dropped” in remote destinations around the world. 

Heineken is providing the ultimate challenge for you to “see what happens when someone travels outside their comfort zone” and leaves you with the final question: what would you do?

Watch Here.


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Lakai Newman is a critical-thinking advertising and marketing professional whose office space is at 38,000 feet. He has a passion for international travel, adventure, and the art of experience. His personal blog can be found here.

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