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Don't Be Boring: Best Practices for Effective Use of Video Content
By: McBee|Gibraltar
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Although online videos are responsible for countless wasted hours, luring viewers into a haze of cats riding Roombas and yawning puppies, they have the potential to tell a powerful story while driving home core messaging for your company.
According to YouTube, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute, drawing 1 billion monthly visitors. Why not capitalize on this attention to mobilize your business?

The bottom line — video will only benefit your brand if it is watched and remembered. Success means balancing personality and corporate goals.

Dollar Shave Club
  • "How To Shock a Celebrity," shows the horrified reactions of celebrities as they watch a screen out of our view, then shifts to the content itself: heartbreaking images of tropical disease victims. The shocking approach won the non-profit END7 the Impact Award for YouTube’s 2013 Do Gooder Awards.
  • What this means: Be impactful. Trigger strong emotions to make people feel connected to your brand. Hard-hitting visuals capture attention.
Our go-to video expert, Andrew Deerin of Chatham Light Media, advises on the formula for building a successful video.
  • The Basics:
    • Make it short and sweet. Wrap it up around the two-minute mark.
    • Use one platform — YouTube or Vimeo — so you have a central measure of success.
    • Don’t settle for the initial thumbnail. Choose the most visually impactful one.
  • Promotion:
    • Put the same amount of effort into promoting your video as went into its production. 
    • Take advantage of your network to promote your new content. Offer social media sneak peeks.
  • Messaging:
    • When developing your messaging, get your departments together to collect ideas and ensure management is collaborating with marketing.
    • Broaden your message to captivate a larger audience with an engaging storyline. Then drive your messaging points home.
  • Spokespeople:
    • Choose your spokesperson carefully and train them on the messaging points to hit. “It helps if they have a good look, speak well and are passionate about your message,” says Andrew.
Make a video you would want to watch. If it showed up in your inbox at the end of the day would you watch it and pass it along? If the answer is no, go back to the drawing board. Fulfill your business goals and mesmerize your audience.
This blog was adapted from an original piece on the McBee Strategic website. Ashtan Moore and Jess Stone are digital media specialists at McBee|Gibraltar. Connect with them on Twitter: @ashtanmoore and @jstonemv.


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