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Kids React to Cheerios Commercial
By: Lakai Newman
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A couple months ago, Cheerios launched a commercial with their typical storyline featuring the heart-healthy product; however, it was met with extreme criticism by an alarming number of viewers. Why? Well, unlike all their previous commercials, this particular one featured a mixed-race couple. Some of the commentary about the commercial was so racially insensitive that YouTube had to permanently delete and close the comments section. Though Cheerios received a lot of backlash, they boldly continued to run the campaign, thus garnering a lot of admiration and attention. 

Just a couple days ago, The Fine Bros Production released a YouTube video featuring a variety of children ranging in age from 7 to 13. The video gauged their reactions to the Cheerios commercial and then allowed for them to express their thoughts and opinions to a series of open-ended questions. 

The reactions of the children were anything but insensitive as many of them found the mixed-race family to be “normal,” the commercial itself to be “funny,” and the insensitive remarks made by viewers to be offensive and archaic. By far, the verbal responses to many of the follow-up questions are far more mature than many of the pre-restricted commentary on the original commercial.

Watch Here.


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